A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Virtual Basketball is a Virtual Reality Basketball game for HTC Vive.

Make free throws and awesome three-pointers like a real basketball legend in the tranquility of a street court.


- Press the touchpad of your Vive controller to teleport.

- Press the Grip of the Vive controller to spawn a basketball.

- Press down the trigger to grab the ball and release to throw while you move the controller.


This game contains Google Poly Assets(Buildings and Trees) www.poly.google.com

Made with Unity Engine and SteamVR by Alexis Kotsiras.



Virtual_Basketball_osx.zip 31 MB
Virtual_Basketball_windows.zip 29 MB

Install instructions

Download the version of your operating system, open the folder and run the executable file.

MacOS version requires  High Sierra and a strong dedicated/external GPU.

Requires HTC VIVE Headset.


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This is one of the only VR games that supports MacOS and is 64-bit, thank you.

This is a dope concept, just imagine if you implemented something were you can have games with other players and friends